What is Adolescent Medicine & The Need of Adolescent …

Adolescent medicine is an upcoming and fast-growing medical subspecialty that focuses explicitly on caring for patients who are in their adolescent phase of development. People who are in the last years of their elementary school all the way up to high school are treated under adolescent medicine. The rise of adolescent medicine has been because of the many issues and challenges …

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What Medicine Works Best For Menstrual Cramps

(2 days ago) What Medicine Works Best For Menstrual Cramps? Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA. Menstrual cramps are defied as the sudden contraction in the muscles that causes mild to moderate pain. The pain may last for few second to few minutes, but in case of menstrual cramps the dull pain may last for 2-3 days.

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What is the Best Anti Flatulence Medication

(3 days ago) You can choose medicines containing Simethicone. For lactose intolerance, pickup tablets or liquids containing lactase enzyme that improves the digestion. A simple change to the dietary chart and lifestyle is the best anti flatulence medication. However, even after making the changes, if you are experiencing flatulence, the underlying reason is

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Best Medications for Osteoporosis

(Just Now) Osteoporosis is defined by bone loss and weakness which can lead to increased risk of fractures. This article aims to elaborate on the clinically legitimate medicinal treatments and best medications for osteoporosis in both men and women.

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What Is The Best Medicine For Morning Sickness

(3 days ago) It is important to discuss with your obstetrician before taking any medication, be it over the counter medication. The first line of treatment for morning sickness related to pregnancy is vitamin B6 alone or with antihistamine (doxylamine, meclizine, cyclizine, buclizine, diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate), phenothiazine (promethazine, chlorpromazine), or metoclopramide.

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Best Medicine For Multiple System Atrophy

(8 days ago) Best Medicine For Multiple System Atrophy Multiple system atrophy is an incurable disease, but through proper treatment the problem can be managed. The process of managing the disease includes treating the symptoms to make the individual comfortable to the possible extent and also maintain the regular body functioning.

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What Is The Best Medicine For MGUS Or Monoclonal

(5 days ago) MGUS impairs the density of the bone and causes bone fractures. So doctors recommend bisphosphonate to elevate the density of the bone. These medicines are ibandronate, alendronate, risedronate and zoledronic acid. Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) is a benign condition that leads to the appearance of an abnormal protein

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What Medications Are Used To Treat Tachycardia

(1 days ago) Digitalis – The medicine prepared from the leaves of digitalis that controls tachycardia by lowering the heart rate. It takes weeks or months to bring effect. Anticoagulants-Tachycardia has potential to form blood clots in the heart. Anticoagulants act as blood thinners to reduce the life-threatening complications resulted from blood clots.

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Drugs to Treat Bladder Spasms

(5 days ago) A variety of treatment options are available today which can help manage the symptoms effectively. Some drugs for bladder spasms are effective in managing this condition. The random contractions of the bladder muscles can be controlled with the help of anticholinergics drugs. Some such anticholinergics medication, considered the best drugs for bladder spasms, which can help the …

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What Happens If You Take Multiple Drugs At Once

(4 days ago) If medicine A and B are taken simultaneously and the drug A enhances the activity of the enzymes responsible for breaking medicine B then because of quick breakdown of the medicine B, its effect will either decrease or loss. Under such circumstances, the doctor simply enhances the dose of …

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Commonly Prescribed Pain Medications for Bursitis

(6 days ago) Home remedies and rest alone cannot treat Bursitis completely. Pain medication must be prescribed at those situations. The general trend of prescribed pain medication for bursitis includes both the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs and the steroidal pain medicines, including the corticosteroid injections. Some commonly prescribed pain medications for bursitis include

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Holistic MedicineUnderstand the PrinciplesTypes of

(2 days ago) Holistic medicine is a kind of healing that considers body, mind, spirit, and emotions in pursuit of optimal health. According to its theory, a person can obtain best possible health by having appropriate balance in life.

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What is Unani Medicine & What Are Its 7 Basic Components

(3 days ago) Unani medicine is a branch of alternative medicine, which attempts to discover the best possible ways by which an individual can lead a completely healthy life without any illness or sickness. Unani medicine originates from Greece and it means “Greek Medicine.” Unani medicine is founded on the teachings of Hippocrates who was a Greek physician.

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What is the Best Medicine for Lactose Intolerance

(6 days ago) But the best medicine for lactose intolerance is diet management. Lactose intolerance can be managed by following alterations in the diet-. -One should introduce small quantities of milk or milk products in their meal to observe the level of reaction produced by the body. Once you are sure that a particular amount of milk does not harm you, you

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What Is The Best Medicine For Myoclonus

(6 days ago) Most of drugs used to cure myoclonus are also useful to treat epilepsy, like levetiracetam, primidone, and phenytoin and so on. Barbiturates are responsible to slow down the patient’s central nervous system and in turn, results in anti seizure or tranquilizing effects. Moreover, doctors categorize primidone, levetiracetam and phenytoin as

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Difference Between Branded Drugs and Generic Drugs

(7 days ago) Difference Based On The Patent Protection By The Manufacturing Company: The most crucial difference between the branded drugs and the generic drugs is they are produced by a company which holds the patent for 20 years. However, the generic drugs are made available at the market by the pharmaceutical companies only after the patent protection

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Which Medications Cause Metallic Taste in Mouth

(4 days ago) A metallic taste in mouth is medically known as parageusia. It gives an unpleasant taste and either develop suddenly or over a long time period. A metallic taste is a common side effect of the medications. Plenty of drugs are there that causes a change in the taste, which includes metallic taste. The examples include numerous antibiotics and antihistamines.

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Potassium Binders: Types & Side Effects

(4 days ago) Potassium binders are a class of drugs that bind to the excess potassium in your digestive tract. The extra potassium is then eliminated from the body through your stool. Potassium binders typically come in the form of a powder that has to be mixed with water and drink the medication along with a meal. Some potassium binders can also be taken rectally in the form of an enema.

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Medications that Increase the Level of Calcium in Blood

(2 days ago) Significant cause behind hypercalcemia is certain medicines. There are some medicines that may increase the level of calcium in blood. When you take these medicines, be careful about their dosage. Medicines that contain thyroxine hormone and are used for treating hypothyroidism, is a medicine that causes hypercalcemia. Lithium containing drugs can also affect the release of …

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Generic Medicine Vs Non-Generic Medicines: Why do People

(6 days ago) Generic medicines are preferred by many patients as the cost of these medicines are lower than the non generic medicines. The cost of the generic nasal spray for one month supply is just $59.99 while for the non-generic medicine brand name Flonase, it is $85.98 for one month. Generic allergy medicines can thus bring about huge savings for the buyers in comparison to non-generic …

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Medical and Alternative Treatments for Narcolepsy

(7 days ago) Narcolepsy is a permitting sleep disorder that is distinguished by sudden sleep attacks or extreme drowsiness during the daytime. People who are suffering from narcolepsy often struggle to stay awake for longer periods despite of the circumstances. This can also cause some serious disruptions in the daily life and its associated chores.

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Which Medicine is good for Neck Pain

(3 days ago) Acupuncture is the best alternative medicine and effective care for chronic neck pain. It is a promising complementary therapy to control fatigue due to chronic pain. At present, chiropractic’s conservative approach is the most trending technique and also helpful for managing of chronic pain.

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What Medications can cause Liver Enzymes to be Elevated

(2 days ago) NSAIDs, the pharmacological group most frequently prescribed in daily clinical practice, have been linked to the induction of hepatotoxicity with an approximate incidence of 1 to 10 per 100,000 exposures per year.Although hepatotoxic reactions have been described with both classic NSAIDs and modern selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors, the largest number of incidents reported corresponds to

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What Is The Best Medication For Driving Anxiety

(4 days ago) What Is The Best Medication For Driving Anxiety? Although some medicines cannot resolve the underlying causes of anxiety episode symptoms, they can still help to minimize them. Your psychiatrist may give SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and benzodiazepines.

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Antianxiety Medicines That Cause Weight Loss

(4 days ago) Side Effects Of Antidepressants: When you start taking antidepressants, the side effects of diarrhea and vomiting are common. If this happens, food will not be absorbed and water will be lost from the body. Then you may lose weight. However, diarrhea and vomiting fade over time as you get used to the medicine.

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Is it Safe to Delay Periods with Medicines

(9 days ago) This is a medicine that helps in delaying your periods but it must be noted that Primolut N should not be used as a contraceptive alternative as it cannot help you prevent pregnancies from occurring. The drug comprises of Norethisterone which aids in delaying periods.

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How Effective is Famotidine & What are Its Side Effects

(4 days ago) Famotidine medicine is a histamine two blocker. Famotidine works by reducing the quantity of acid produced in the stomach. It is utilized to inhibit or treat ulcers of the intestine or stomach. Famotidine is used for effectively treating active gastric and duodenal ulcers. Famotidine is also used in maintenance treatment of ulcers of the duodenum.

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Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects of Arnica

(9 days ago) Using Arnica as internal medicine is not safe as larger dosage will affect health critically. Arnica, when consumed directly and orally, proves to be poisonous. It also irritates mouth and throat. The person may also experience stomach pain, shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, and increase in blood pressure. Consuming undiluted Arnica also

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What is the Best Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

(7 days ago) The medicine enhances the effect of the nitric oxide so that the blood flow to the penis is higher than normal and therefore the erection can occur when there is stimulation. Advertisement Viagra is one of the best and most popular medicines to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence.

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Chinese Traditional Medicine for Fertility: How Chinese

(4 days ago) The Western medicine physicians and doctors learns that diseases and ailments should be cured by prescribing medicine or opting invasive and if needed dangerous surgical involvement. However, the physicians trained in TCM focus on healing and curing the patient not by treating the disease but by treating the entire person by focusing on patient

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Which OTC Allergy Medicine Works Best, Nasacort/Flonase or

(2 days ago) Nasacort/Flonase is a type of intranasal corticosteroids, and known to be quite effective medicine for the treatment of Allergy related symptoms. However, one of the disadvantages of using Nasacort is that it takes time to function. In fact all intranasal corticosteroids take some time to work.

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What Is The Best Treatment For Diabetic Neuropathy

(7 days ago) Diabetes linked nerve pain can be alleviated with the help of many medicines that are available over the counter. However, they may not be useful for everyone. Also, there is a possibility of side effects. It is recommended to talk to your doctor about the benefits and side effects of medicines and know which ones would be the best suitable for you.

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What Drugs can Cause Pericarditis

(8 days ago) Medication-induced pericardial inflammation is an uncommon condition. The precise progress of drug-induced pericarditis is unknown (idiopathic pericarditis).

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What Drugs Can Cause Parkinson's Disease

(6 days ago) Presently, according to the research, any drug that lowers the level of dopamine in the body may apparently cause Parkinson's disease in a person. It is important to talk about the side effects of the drugs so prescribed to the patient with the doctor. However, it should be noted that the symptoms of Parkinsonism generally go away when the intake of the drugs so causing it is stopped.

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What Drugs to Avoid if you have Long QT Syndrome

(3 days ago) The drugs of this class may include procainamide, amiodarone, sotalol, mexiletine, disopyramide, propafenone and ibutilide. Vasodilators: These drugs are used to treat angina and acts as vasodilators. The drug of this class that carries the risk of long QT syndrome includes ranolazine and vardenafil. Anti-cancer: The drug of this class includes

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What Blood Pressure Medications Cause Lichen Planus

(4 days ago) Angiotensin is an element that constricts blood vessels and releases hormones, which can raise your blood pressure. ACE inhibitors have been linked to mucosal lichen planus, which affects the mouth and genitals, especially in women. Studies have been done to establish the link and the results show an inverse relationship between ACE inhibitors

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Homeopathy Treatment For Morphea

(1 days ago) Homeopathy is a safe alternative to allopathic medications, which carry significant side effects and not suitable for all patients. Further studies and …

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What Antibiotics Are Used To Treat Swollen Lymph Nodes

(1 days ago) Advertisement. There is no specific treatment for swollen lymph nodes. The treatment must be done once the cause is known. Although it is a relatively common practice, antibiotics should not be administered (unless there is a bacterial infection). Corticosteroids should not be administered as a symptomatic treatment because, due to their

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6 Alternative Ways to Treat Sinusitis or Sinus Infection

(4 days ago) Homeopathy is a natural medical branch that uses small doses of plant, animal or mineral derivatives to boost the natural defense system in the human body. Patients of sinusitis or sinus infection can benefit from homeopathic medicine.

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What Antibiotics Can Be Used to Treat Trichomoniasis

(9 days ago) Metronidazole is an antibiotic medicine that fights with parasites and bacteria. The main role of this antibiotic dosage is to treat infections in liver, …

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Do Acne Pills have Side Effects

(9 days ago) Acne is a common skin problem and it can vary from mild pimples to severely painful breakouts. There are numerous treatment options available for treating all forms of acne from mild to severe. Some of the ingredients like benzoyl peroxide; antibiotics etc. are common elements of most of the acne pills and of course just like any other medication acne pills do have side effects.

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How Effective is Fosamax & What are its Side Effects

(1 days ago) After taking the medicine patient should not lie down for at least half an hour, instead should sit or stand. Advertisement . How Effective is Fosamax? Fosamax or alendronate falls in bisphosphonates group of medicines. Fosamax or alendronate is very helpful in altering both bone formation and bone breakdown cycle in the body.

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What Is The Best Treatment For Functional Dyspepsia

(Just Now) Medicines To Boost The Stomach Emptying Rate: Doctors prescribe you metoclopramide medication in case they diagnose delay in emptying of the stomach. Low-Dosage Or Tricyclic Antidepressants: Tricyclic or low-dosage antidepressants and/or drugs may inhibit various activities of neurons to control the pain in the intestinal region. Antibiotics To Cure H Pylori: If your tests detect a …

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How Effective is Clonidine & What are Its Side Effects

(3 days ago) The effectiveness and response of clonidine is excellent. Within 1 to 3 hours, the effect of the medicine is visible. The blood pressure gets lowered pretty quickly. The minimum time to show the effect is 30 minutes while the maximal is 2-4 hours. If it is used along with other medicines, the result may further extend to several days.

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